Avetis Research

Raise the profile Through collaborative efforts between American and Armenian-based researchers we have worked implement and analyze digital health efforts in the Armenian healthcare setting. These efforts have included virtual examination rooms, remote monitoring, health data security, etc.

Development and Evaluation of a Tele-Education Program for Neonatal ICU Nurses in Armenia

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Lung cancer screening beliefs in Armenia

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International Collaboration to Develop a Remote Monitoring Web App for COVID-19 Patients in Armenia

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Using a Facebook Virtual Examination Room to Enhance ROP Training in Armenia.

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Assessing Health Data Security Risks in Global Health Partnerships: Development of a Conceptual Framework

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JMIR Form Res | 2021 Dec 8;5(12):e25833. doi: 10.2196/25833. PMID: 34889752; PMCID: PMC8701669.of each fellow through scientific conference attendance, presentations and publications