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This platform centralizes resources, like medical ontologies and guides, to foster development in the Armenian Informatics community. It offers foundational courses for medical and technical staff and an exclusive space for professionals to connect and collaborate.

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General Questions

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  • The Hub is a centralized resource and organized community for informatics professionals in Armenia.
  • It has a public-facing content that is accessible to anyone, with or without a LearnwithOPEN account that provides resources and describes the fellowship program. This may expand to include meet-ups, discord community, etc.
  • It hosts lessons to introduce the concepts of informatics to healthcare professionals who have an account on LearnwithOPEN. These courses may or may not qualify for Armenian CME.
  • It has an invite only section for alumni of our programs, mentors and selected community members which houses a directory, possibly a message board or discord channel and other ‘informatic insider’ content.
  • The Hub is meant to be an accessible touch point and serve to help organize informatics in Armenia. From a technology perspective, it is a simple to use and access website.
  • Admin
  • Informatics Fellows
  • Informatics Alumni
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Program Mentors
  • Community Members
  • Everyone has access to the public facing content
  • Everyone can sign up for an account to access the lessons
  • Access is limited to invite only section that contains contact information in the directory.
  • Access to the lessons should occur in the same manner anyone accesses the learning content on LearnwithOPEN.
  • To request access to the invite-only portion of the Hub, you need to be in contact with the Avetis Informatics Director.
  • There is no cost for any portion of the Hub currently. In the future, special learning opportunities might be posted.

Other Questions

  • Initially, the only language supported will be English. Depending on usage and interest this may expand into Armenian in the future.
  • Please provide feedback to the Avetis Informatics Program Director.