Fellowship Program


  • Train individuals in the field of informatics
  • Use a hybrid model of training to allow working professionals to participate individuals in the field of informatics
  • Leverage existing expertise in Armenia to teach, and supplement with US experts
  • Establish a professional network for each fellow to leverage throughout their career
  • Raise the profile of each fellow through scientific conference attendance, presentations and publications

Lecture Series

To obtain access to watch lectures, please contact Armine Lulejian at [email protected]

April 16, 2022

Overview of Health Informatics, Introduction to Field, Overview of the Course

James Dickhoner

April 19, 2022

Public Health Informatics

Armine Lulejian

April 23, 2022

Introduction to Healthcare in Armenia: American Doctor’s Perspective

Shant Shekherdimian

April 26, 2022

Electronic Health Records & Patient Portals: General Overview

James Dickhoner

May 7, 2022

Healthcare in Armenia: eHealth Perspective

Armine Sargsyan