Avetis / Healthcare in Armenia: eHealth Perspective
May 7, 2022

Healthcare in Armenia: eHealth Perspective

Armine Sargsyan

Armine is a resident of Kapan, hailing from the Syunik region. Graduating from Yerevan Polytechnic University’s Faculty of Technical Cybernetics, Armine embarked on a multifaceted journey. Since 1988, she has adeptly balanced her roles as an informatics instructor across various schools and colleges, all while assuming the mantle of overseeing the computer room.

A pivotal figure in advancing computer-internet literacy in Armenian schools, Armine’s efforts were channeled through the organization “Project Hamon.” She played an integral role in nurturing a tech-savvy culture and bolstering computer literacy throughout the region and nation, imparting her knowledge to both students and educators alike. Notably, Armine’s influence has been deeply felt in the Syunik region, where her ingenuity manifested in the design and creation of computer cabinets tailored for schools. As of 2008, she has also held a position as a lecturer in computer literacy at Yerevan State Basic College. A progressive trajectory unfolded as Armine assumed roles of increasing responsibility. From 2021, she has assumed a professorial position at ASUE (Armenian State University of Economics), and from 2022, she’s taken on a professorship at NIH (National Institute of Health), focusing on “Digital Health in Armenia.”

Armine’s portfolio extends into the healthcare sector. Since 2006, she’s contributed her expertise to UDAD PHCR as a teacher, aiding in the introduction of automated systems in medical institutions and training personnel. Her commitment led her to relocate to Yerevan in 2009, where she continued to refine and expand medical institution systems. Notably, her prior experience included working for a company tasked with developing and maintaining the State Health Agency’s financial systems.

Business analysis, system testing, training, and implementation stand as cornerstones of Armine’s expertise. These skills have been invaluable in her tenure with the Ministry of Health since 2018. Rising through the ranks, she currently holds the position of the head of the RA NIH’s e-health implementation department, a role she undertook in 2019. In this capacity, she orchestrates the digitalization process of the system, from strategic formulation to the establishment of registers and legal frameworks. Armine’s oversight extends to coordinating the integration of system registries via the government’s interoperability platform.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Armine’s interests span the hospitality and restaurant sectors. Presently, she oversees a newly established hotel-restaurant complex, contributing to socially significant projects aimed at advancing the district’s development and enhancing Dilijan’s tourism sector. Armine’s personal life is adorned with familial bonds. She is happily married and blessed with two daughters. Her husband, a member of the RA Writers’ Union, enriches their lives with his poetic talents.

Venue: National Institute of Health (49/4, Komitas ave., Yerevan)
Time: 12:00-14:00 Yerevan time

This lecture presents the model of national strategy in Armenia, using the WHO National Digital Health Strategy as a benchmark. It describes the current situation in Armenia and compares it with India and Estonia.

Presentation Slides: Presentation slides: Digital Health_National Strategy