Avetis / Introduction to Health Informatics
April 26, 2022

Introduction to Health Informatics

Salvatore Volpe

Salvatore Volpe, MD FAAP FACP CHCQM has over 30 years of primary care medical practice experience. He has achieved board certification in Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, Clinical Informatics, and Quality Assurance.
He serves as Co-Chairman of the Richmond County Medical Society HIT Committee and has served as Chairman of the NYS Medical Society HIT committee, Co-Chairman of the HIMSSNYS Physician Committee, and a consultant to the NYC Primary Care Information Project and NYCREACH extension center.
Dr. Volpe is the recipient of the 2007 IPRO Quality Award. The award was presented in recognition of his commitment to improving care for Medicare beneficiaries, as reflected in the work he has done to create a patient-focused environment within his practice, and his work as a physician champion in promoting the use of electronic health records and health information technology for quality improvement.

In 2009, Dr. Volpe’s medical practice became the first solo practice in the state of NY to achieve Level 3 2008 NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition. In 2010, HIMSS (Health Information and Management Systems Society) recognized Dr. Volpe as the Chapter Leader of the Year. In 2011, SUNY Downstate Medical School presented Dr. Volpe with the Geriatrics Medicine Award in recognitionof his contributions and achievements. In 2012, Dr. Volpe’s medical practice became the first solo practice in the United States to achieve Level 3 2011 NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition. In 2012, Dr. Volpe also became the Chief Medical Officer for PDR, aka the Physician Desk Reference Company. In 2015, accepted the role of Chief Medical Officer of the SIPPS (Staten Island Performing Provider System) a Medicaid redesign project. In 2016, received the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative’s Patient Centered Medical Home Practice Award. 2017-2018, served as President of the Richmond County Medical Society.

He has used an EHR and Patient Portal in his practice for over 14 year

Venue: Video Conference via Zoom
Time: 19:00-21:00 Yerevan time

A brief overview of health informatics as utilized by different professions and industries. Telemedicine will be the primary focus of the discussion. A case study will be used to apply the health informatics to reduce adverse outcomes.

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