Avetis / Open Source EMRs
May 10, 2022

Open Source EMRs

Barry Levine

Dr. Barry Levine is Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at San Francisco State University (SFSU). His interests currently focus on e-health/health Informatics and has led numerous global and graduate student projects in that area. In 2001 he created the CIS Program at the American University of Armenia. He served as director of the program for 10 years. Other projects included serving as a lead for the African Virtual University World Bank project, as well as department Chair for the CS Department at SFSU.

Venue: Video Conference via Zoom
Time: 19:00-21:00 Yerevan time

We will discuss open source medical record systems with a focus on OpenMRS.  Topics will include medical ontologies and providing addons to EMRs, interoperability extending access of OpenMRS to other open-source applications to support, e.g., radiology orders. We will also discuss getting patient data out of OpenMRS to support the exchange of medical records, as well as supporting the analysis of patient data.

Presentation Slides: Presentation slides: OpenSourceEMRs