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Public Health Informatics in Practice

Nicholas Soulakis

Nicholas Soulakis, Ph.D. currently serves as Chief Public Heath Informatics Officer and Deputy Commissioner, Bureau of Informatics and IT at the Chicago Department of Public Health, where his work furthers a strategy of equity through public health informatics. He supports programs across the broad spectrum of public health services through informatics and data science especially in identifying new and novel methods of data collection including the use of electronic health records, tracking emerging trends in community health using temporal and spatial surveillance methods and examining the electronic exchange of health information between healthcare providers and public health agencies. Dr. Soulakis also works to modernize policy for the more timely, complete, and representative use, integration, and sharing of data across local, state, and federal public health agencies.


Venue: Video Conference via Zoom
Time: 19:00-21:00 Yerevan time

This talk introduces public health informatics by first examining what is a good informatics question and how we may apply informatics across the essential services of public health, especially public health surveillance. We examine three specific applications: clustering restaurants for improved food inspections, applying natural language processing to formulate Ebola case definitions, and addressing strategies for equitable responses to surges of community violence with forecasting methods.

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