PICO Framework


Formulate a PICO question of your own and post it in the learner forum, and clearly identify which parts of your question correspond to each part of PICO. To post, click on the “Add a new discussion topic” button below and write up your post.

As a reminder, a PICO question is formatted as:

P: Population/Patient/Problem
I: Intervention/Indicator
C: Comparison (if any)
O: Outcome

Please respond to two other posts in the forum.

Here is an example response:

P: Febrile 4-8 week old infants
I: Boston Criteria for Febrile Infants
C: Philadelphia Criteria for Febrile Infants
O: Reduce the length of stay

In febrile 4-8 week old infants, is the Boston criteria or Philadelphia criteria more effective for management?

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