Dr. Cyrus Rangan


Dr. Cyrus Rangan is the Director of the Bureau of Toxicology and Environmental Assessment at the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. Dr. Rangan specializes in medical toxicology, investigating the potential environmental or toxicological causes of disease clusters. In addition, Dr. Rangan serves as the Assistant Medical Director of the California Poison Control System, directing poison control efforts – which nationally helps keep nearly 70% of all poison control calls in the home and out of emergency departments – for the county of Los Angeles. Dr. Rangan also acts as a medical toxicology consultant for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, providing bedside consultations for toxicology cases and educating both parents and medical staff on diagnosis, management, and prevention of poisoning. In recognition of his services, Dr. Rangan has received many awards, including eight Outstanding Community Physician Awards from Children’s Hospital, as well as recognition by the board of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) for his contributions to environmental safety in LAUSD schools.