Dr. Inga Sargsyan


Dr. Inga Sargsyan, Ph.D. is the RA Minister of Health’s consultant in pediatric ophthalmology. She is also a lecturer at the Department of Ophthalmology, Heratsi State Medical University, as well as the Head of Pediatric Ophthalmology Service at “Astghik” Medical Center.

In 1996-2002, she studied at the Faculty of Pediatrics at Yerevan State Medical University named after Mkhitar Heratsi. In 2002-2005 she was a clinical resident at the Malayan Ophthalmological Clinic, specializing in “Eye Diseases”. 2015 defended her Ph.D. thesis on “Evaluation and correction of the effectiveness of pleoptic treatment based on electrophysiological studies of the visual organ of children with amblyopia”. She participated in several conferences and training programs in Armenia and abroad.