Dr. Madison Harris, OTD


Dr. Madison Harris is a board-certified occupational therapist and Los Angeles native. She graduated with her Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate all in Occupational Therapy from the University of Southern California. Occupational therapists help patients do the things that they want to do and need to do throughout the day. Intervention may include modifications or adaptations to activities to promote overall engagement. Currently, she works at The University of California, Los Angeles in Pediatric and Adult Neurology with patients who have experienced sports-related and military-related traumatic brain injury. Dr. Harris is also developing a traumatic brain injury program for U.S. veterans with her neurology, neuropsychology, nutrition colleagues. This program focuses on daily wellness, pain management, change in identity and structure of daily routine following military retirement, and promotion of engagement in meaningful activities. Dr. Harris also has a private practice in Los Angeles, where she works to help professional athletes adapt to retirement after a professional sports career.