Dr. Manvi Bansal

Headshots - September

Dr. Manvi Bansal is a Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Her interest in premature born children with bronchopulmonary dysplasia derives from her initial work during fellowship years. Children born prematurely often have comorbidities including significant lung disease, airway problems, and pulmonary hypertension, with limited information in literature leading to variable outpatient care. Dr. Bansal received the Dean’s fellowship award, funding two years of her fellowship for a project looking at desaturations in preterm infants as part of the NIH-funded multicenter study, Prematurity, and Respiratory Outcomes Program (PROP). She continued to work thereafter at CHLA as a Clinical Assistant and now as a Clinical Associate Professor, caring for and participating in research related to infants born premature. Dr. Bansal co-directs the infant chronic lung disease program at CHLA and serves as the Principal Investigator for her center for the multicenter initiative called BPD collaborative. Her research interests primarily lie in neonatal lung disease besides aerodigestive disorders, mechanical ventilation, flexible bronchoscopy, and childhood interstitial lung disease. She has mentored fellows in research related to BPD, with their work being presented at international American Thoracic Society conferences and eventually leading to publications in reputed journals. Additionally, she directs the flexible bronchoscopy and home mechanical ventilation program and regularly conducts didactics on the same for the fellowship program. Dr. Bansal enjoys collaboration and publications through her collaborations with her peers. In collaboration with ENT and GI colleagues, she co-directs the aerodigestive clinic and partners with other specialties like Anesthesia and Pediatric Surgery to strengthen both clinical and research frontiers.