Fimi Haddadian, M.S., Psy.D.


Fimi Haddadian has been a practicing school psychologist for 18 years. She has worked at Glendale Unified School District, specializing in preschool and latency-aged children. In this capacity, she conducts comprehensive psycho-educational evaluations and provides mental health support with very young students. Mrs. Haddadian is the resident social-emotional learning expert for early childhood and has developed and implemented evidence-based social-emotional learning curriculum at the preschool level. Mrs. Haddadian is the co-founder of Bluejack Kids, A Center for Social and Emotional Learning, through which she offers well-needed workshops and programs geared toward typically developing children whose social-emotional skills can be enhanced through a creative variety of activities. In addition, Fimi is the author of an Armenian language children’s book on bullying called “Zis Hankisd Tsketsek.”