Tina Balasanyan, M.S., Psy.D.


Tagui (Tina) Balasanyan has served ten years as a school psychologist at a multi-racial, multi-ethnic comprehensive public high school in a suburb of Los Angeles. She is a valuable member of the multidisciplinary team and provides comprehensive evaluations and support to students struggling academically, socially, and behaviorally. Tina has been a key member in facilitating social-emotional learning at her school by building community through restorative practices. As a trained Restorative Justice facilitator, Tina continues to support and complement school initiatives and uses these strategies to positively impact school culture, discipline, and academic needs. Tina is known for her approachability and is popular with both students, parents, teachers, and staff. She is sought after to provide individual counseling/guidance and crisis intervention. Her knowledge of her community is both broad and granular and she is a master at connecting parents to community services/resources. Under Tina’s cheerful, unflappable nature is a fierce advocate for students.