Avetis / ARMED eHealth: Digitalization of National Healthcare
April 30, 2022

ARMED eHealth: Digitalization of National Healthcare

Avet Manukyan

Avet Manukyan is the executive director of the “National eHealth Operator” CJSC and the founder of “SYLEX SA” (Switzerland). He has 22 years of experience in management, and who led the development and implementation of several large information systems in Armenia and abroad. In addition to the development of e-Health systems, Avet Manukyan has also led the development and implementation of comprehensive insurance management systems (Armenia, Georgia), credit bureau management systems (ACRA Credit Bureau, Armenia), judicial information systems (DataLex, Armenia), patented algorithms for processing of digital signals (Great Britain), etc. He graduated from Yerevan Polytechnic Institute and was a lecturer at the same institute. He holds a Ph.D. degree and is specialized in artificial intelligence systems.

Venue: 14/1 1/2 Hratchya Nersisyan street
Time: 12:00-14:00 Yerevan time

It has been a common challenge for most countries to create an infrastructure that would enable consolidation of patient health records in the same electronic format that would eradicate substantial inefficiencies and ineffectiveness in the national healthcare system. Inefficiencies include increasing costs of healthcare services, insurance premiums and state financing caused by wrongly diagnosed treatments, irrelevant procedures, fraudulent activities and non-optimal operational processes.

ARMED is the National eHealth system of Armenia aimed at filling the missing gap by providing an infrastructure, which connects a vast number of stakeholders into a collaborative network enabling each to contribute to building a better public health. In addition, it provides valuable feedback with measurable metrics on effectiveness of implemented policies, so that national policymakers can fine-tune decisions pursuing achievement of strategic goals.

Starting from 2017, National E-Health Operator manages the ARMED system, implementing a series of services that are currently used by over 500 medical organizations, insurance companies and governmental institutions serving the entire population of Armenia. It gradually accelerates the digitization of data and automation of routine processes, and is on its way of building a powerful data-driven ecosystem for the benefit of patients and healthcare industry players.

The upcoming lecture will uncover more details of the role and activities of ARMED and what to expect in the next few years.

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